African horse sickness in Thailand

African horse sickness in Thailand

Horses are domestic animals that are known for their speed and strong body muscles. Most people in the world rare these animals for prestige purposes, others rare them for use in transportation of luggage. Some people rare them for use in competitions, races, and events where many people gather to watch. Horses have many purposes as they can also be used by police officers to control crowds. These uses have made them be highly valuable animals whose purchase costs are high.

Horses get attacked by diseases easily, and they require constant monitoring and care for them to grow healthy and strong. African horse sickness is caused by a virus that attacks the breathing system of these animals and causes death due to suffocation. Breathing becomes hard as there is not enough oxygen to the brain, and they die due to breathing complications. This disease was known to only attack horses in the African continent, but now there are reports of it appearing in Thailand. Evidence suggests that this disease is already claiming the lives of many horses.

Animal health organizations encourage farmers to

Many farms that rare horse for large scale exportation are facing losses as the diseases is killing their animals. Due to the rise in the deaths, authorities encourage the owners to increase the surveillance of the animals. Contain and quarantine each animal separately to help identify the sick horses and healthy horses. This surveillance will help control the spread of the disease and localize it until it ends. Restricting the interaction and movement of these animals will help stop the spread of the disease.

Animal health organizations encourage farmers to take all necessary measures to fight the disease. They say the condition is not only limited to horses but can also affect donkeys and mules. No reports of an attack on humans yet, and the organization claims it only attacks animals. Veterinarian bodies in the country take many blood samples of these animals to analyze them and try to come up with a vaccine or a cure. A cure for the disease is not available yet, and hence farmers need to take good care of their horses to help them survive.

African horse sickness in Thailand

Thailand exports its horses to many countries in the world for competitions and others for domestic use. Due to this disease, it has become harder for farmers to transport their animals. The farmers are making many loses as many countries they ship to don’t accept sick animals. In the United States of America, the animal center allows horses from Thailand but places them in isolation for at least fifty days. This isolation prevents sick animals from coming into contact with other animals in the region.

The disease is causing most farmers in Thailand many losses due to the death of their horses. Farmers have to lea in the fight against this disease to help save their livestock. The veterinarians encourage farmers in these regions to maintain high standards of cleanliness in the stables to control the virus. Making sure the animals are clean and the stables are sprayed with disinfectants daily.