Dealing with Wild Horses Safely

Dealing with Wild Horses Safely

There is always an unexplainable feeling that comes with stroking a tamed horse. Many have at one point dreamt of owning such a magnificent beast with all its unique qualities. However, not all horses are domesticated thus, some can be quite dangerous. It can be dangerous to try and stroke a wild horse that has been domesticated, especially if you are not a trained expert in this field. There is an intensive form of training involved before one is qualified to become a certified horse trainer.

Watching movies might sell the notion that horses are romantic and harmless to humans, including wild ones. This is very far from the truth because they can be quite dangerous, especially when they feel like you are a threat. Always keep a safe distance when dealing with or observing a wild horse as its movements are very unpredictable and may hurt you in the process. Without the training of a proper horse handler, you cannot be safe enough when stroking mustangs.

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Many photographers have made a career photographing mustangs in their natural habitat since they are a beauty. It is an involving yet fulfilling career that pays off by the shots taken. The reason why wild horses are popular is their majestic look and free spirit. They have become accustomed to living in the wild. This makes them quite dangerous as they perceive any approach by humans as a threat.

When you come across horses in the wild and decide to get closer to observe them or take some shots, always stay at a considerable distance. It is not advisable to approach and try to stroke them, especially if there are young foals in the herd. A mare will do anything to protect its foal from any approaching threat, including kicking or biting. Approaching the herd directly may appear as a threat, leading to you getting heart in the process. It is always wise to be cautious.

Dealing with Wild Horses Safely

Domesticated horses are docile and majestic, characteristics that make them unique domestic animals. It is possible to domesticate a wild mustang, but it is a process that takes time and can be properly done by a trained handler. If you don’t have the skills to domesticate these majestic beasts, it is wise to observe them from a safe distance. Being huge and strong, these beasts can inflict considerable bodily harm on a human. Even when observing from a distance, ensure that you are safe.

If you plan on petting a wild mustang, it’s wise that you visit a horse-training farm with adopted brumbies. Here, you can stroke these gracious yet magnificent beasts under the supervision of a professional handler. In these farms, you are only allowed to pet those mustangs used to interact with humans to avoid the risks of getting kicked or bitten in the process. If it is your dream to domesticate one, you can always volunteer in these farms as a worker and get the wholesome experience of domesticating a brumby.