How to Tame a Wild Horse

How to Tame a Wild Horse

Getting wild can be fun or dangerous depending on the type of activity you’re doing. In the United States alone, there are more than 70, 000 of them roaming ten States, which are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Each year, the agency rounds up these horses for adoption to ease the pressure, so that they don’t get out of control. Once these wild horses are captured, they are ready for adoption and tamed by individuals who want them. Wild horses can get out of control if care is not put in place to control them. That’s why this agency maintains its numbers occasionally.

Wild horses have existed for thousands

Wild horses have existed for thousands of years dating back to the Stone Age. Here, the early man would try to take them for domestication purposes. In Ancient Egypt, wild horses are seen engraved on walls where different adoption methods were used to tame a horse. Taming of a horse is a common activity that is done by experienced personnel who understand how a horse behaves. They’re found mostly in ranches especially in South America, which are called Gauchos. A gaucho is an experienced individual who knows how to handle a wild horse using several techniques.

When it comes to taking a

When it comes to taking a horse, this can be a dangerous activity that only a professional should undertake. You should never try it if you don’t know anything about a horse. A wild horse can cause Injuries to your body if handled with carelessness. Cases are recorded of how a wild horse ended up killing that taming them. Not all of them but some are even considered to be mad, and can react at any time to defend themselves if provoked. Injuries are also common if you’re not careful by getting too closer to a horse that isn’t tamed.

How to Tame a Wild Horse

To tame a wild horse, there is a simple step that you need to practice. You have to get the attention of that wild horse by allowing it to trust you fully. How do you get that wild horse to trust you in the shortest time possible? The first method is locking that horse in a rounded structure so that it doesn’t run away. From here, chase that horse around each time it looks away from you. When the horse looks at you, try to taste its trust level by stretching your hand towards its Nose. If the horse is still afraid of you, then scare the horse away until it has tired ready to look at you again. When he’s ready to look at you, try touching the horse and see how calm or rough he becomes.

This technique works like magic, and it’s the easiest tip used by Gauchos to tame a horse. Here, a wild horse will only have two options, either to trust you or to run away and when it runs away, then he’ll get tired. The only option left is to trust you within the shortest period. After the horse is calm, stretch your arm forward so that it gets used to your scent. Scent plays a key role because a horse uses a sense of smell to recognize the owner.

Once the horse is calm and has faith in you then touch him regularly until you can saddle him properly. This is not an immediate process when you saddle then jump right onto the horse ready to ride. Saddle him and continue touching so that a horse is used to you. Slowly by slowly, the horse would have trusted you, and you’ll be ready to ride him within 3 to 4 hours of taking. Note that in the early stages of training a wild horse, stay far while chasing because a horse can kick any time. This tip is helpful where you want to calm a horse that isn’t used to you. From here, you can then start riding your wild horse that is tamed within a few hours.

In other instances, before you can ride your horse, try putting items on it. Make sure the horse carries those items until she’s used to carrying items. Teddy bears are saddled on their backs so that a horse is familiar with carrying luggage. From here, you’ll have an easier time riding your horse.